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  • In 2021, we were approached to sell our products at the Lion’s Head Farmers Market and continued for 2 years.

  • In 2023 we were vendors at the Tobermory Marketplace. 

The Property 

Craig grew up in Tobermory, but Teresa had never been. During a visit, Teresa fell in love with the area and bought the Property known as Pottery By Ben.

Cape Chin Bed and Breakfast opened in December 2016 and continued running until 2021.


Honey Bees 

In 2017 Craig became fascinated with bees. We started off small the same year with only managing a few hives and in 2022 turned the hobby into a full-time job, now taking care of a dozen hives!

Once we got a taste of fresh honey, we were hooked and started selling it, now known as “Bruce Peninsula Raw Honey”.



As for our eggs, there’s nothing better than cooking a fresh pasture-raised egg. Our guests raved about them and we started selling lots of eggs. In the winter of 2022, we started grading our eggs so we could sell off the property.


Teresa started making beeswax candles to accompany the honey. What a great fit! Beeswax candles are bright and will even clean the air while burning. We have 21 candles to offer at this moment, but the number will continue to grow. 

Roaster Chickens 

Have you ever wondered where your food really comes from? Well, we didn’t want to wonder anymore when it came to chicken, we wanted to know as having the knowledge of how they are raised is a value of ours. We started raising roaster chickens for ourselves but started getting a lot of interest from our customers and wanted to sell them. 

Important Notes: 

  • Wholesale inquires are welcome.

  • If you would like a custom candle, message me!​


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